Dear Self,

     Those teenage days, the same days we all thought would be something monumental, well, we were just kidding ourselves. There were times when our waist just wasn’t small enough to fit the jeans we wore one year prior. Other times, the temptation to hang with the “in” crowd (I’m still confused as to who decides who is in and who is out) got the best of us. Girls turned decent guys into conceited jerks. Guys turned decent girls indecent. The shoes on your feet spoke more about one’s character than their GPA, and nobody really knew which way led us out of the endless pit of teenagerism. Paradise? Hopefully not.

     Remember back to the stupidest thing you did, at any point in your life. Something that still shames me to this day, even after college graduation, is that I skipped an optional final in order to spend more time with my long-time boy-thing-crush-entertainment-wishhewasmine-guy. I ended one of the easiest classes I have ever taken with a B+, and the worst part was only one single point lay in the way of a well-deserved A. Even more shameful, that was not even the first time I wasted precious time on the kid.

     But back to you! Can you remember that time you wish things turned out different? What is one piece of advice you would give yourself in order to savor the seconds before things went south? Nothing will come of this little exercise, except maybe some well needed insight. In the end, it’s good to live your life without regretting too much. Some people actually believe they have no regrets, and how lucky are they? The point is, nothing ever turns out how it’s planned. Nothing. There is a wise saying that goes, “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.”

     The accuracy in those 12 simple words is indisputable. Sure, there are always things which we could have done to make a bad idea, uncomfortable situation, or insecure thought a little better. Sometimes it’s a good idea to reflect on things we wish we could have changed, because that leads to growth. However, the past is the past, and we have to let that [s***] go.