Why do some people speak up, while others remain quiet?

DENVER - The question was intended to be light hearted, “What is your super power, and how do you use it?” The idea is, everybody has a unique source of power within them which can be leveraged for good. Some people immediately knew their power, some needed to brainstorm with a friend to decide their power, and some preferred to think in terms of mystical powers which they could only dream of.

This is how the story began, but it soon pivoted. While standing at the park, asking those casually walking by for a second of their time to participate in this video, it became clear who was more likely to say yes. For each video, on www.limit-lessmagazine.com only about 5- to 10 percent of those asked to participate agree. Most of those willing to speak out, and further willing to speak on camera, are men.

Why are men more likely than women to use their voice? Often women asked to participate in these videos believe they do not have a valuable contribution. Sometimes women do have something to say, but after asking to them to say their piece on camera, women shy away. They may respond, “I don’t like being on camera,” “I don’t have anything to say,” or “he is more comfortable in front of the camera than I am.” In the last example, “he” refers to a man they are walking with.

Men, on the other hand, are more willing to take their time thinking of a camera-worthy answer, sometimes taking minutes of their leisure time to contribute a quality response. Why do women express lack of confidence when it comes to using their voice, while men are ready and willing to do so?

Jessie MartinComment