What is Life Without Living?

     If you are guilty of passing on opportunities to create new memories, meet new people, or engaging in new learning experiences, you are doing it all wrong. What exactly is the "it" in reference? Everything. 

     Life cannot be measured by the commas of a bank account, because those can come and go in a moment's notice. Life cannot be measured by the friends in your circle, because, like your money, friends come and go. Life cannot be measured by an IQ, because, as we know, some of the world's smartest minds make the foulest decisions. 

     Increase the richness of your life by adding to it. Venture the unknown. Build and maintain relationships. Find your diamond in the rough, even if it takes years of searching. You'll know when you find it, whatever it was you've been looking for. Whatever you do, do not allow other's experiences to vouch for your own. Nothing is more wasteful than a life un-lived.