What's Your Best Curve?

ATLANTA - Celebrating the body you are in is more than accepting the reflection in the mirror. When people think of the word "curve" many might not expect to hear the word is interpreted as much more than a shape descriptor. Walking around Atlanta, asking people to talk about their curves reveals many of the individualized conceptions of what it means to express your body's "curves". 

One man reinterprets the question completely, nearly preaching, "Just enjoy life, that's what it's about. Just enjoy life."

He's on to something here. In an effort to promote body positivity, the video was deliberately intended to discuss one specific aspect of the body representing a curve. Rather than answering the question directly, he explains no one aspect of his body is the "best" part. Every curve of his body creates the whole, shaping who he is and how he lives, which is what he claims it's all about anyway. 

The point is, if society, collectively, is ever able to accept the reflection in the mirror, realizing the inevitable truth that bodies will always come in all shapes and sizes, we can begin to hope for the day when we realize the way we perceive our bodies should not set life parameters. The way we interpret the reflection in the mirror should not dictate our day, it should be something we rejoice in. Happy minds lead to happy lives, and that, my friends, is what it's about. 

In Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta people answer the question, "What is your best curve?".