Keys to the Heart

Hey men, "What is the key to a woman's heart?"

A question for the women as well, "What is the key to a man's heart?"

It appears men and women alike believe as long as they can provide (food), their significant other will welcome them with an open heart. Honestly, this might be true! On the other hand, some believe handing the ropes over to their love will earn them love in return, and others, like many of us, are still searching for the the answer to this question. 

*This project shows men were more willing to participate in this discussion, and also more willing to have their picture taken. Pictures are nothing to hide behind, they reveal the raw beauty in all these individuals, without alteration.*

Comment below what you believe the answer to these questions are, and also show some support for the three women who are not too bashful let a camera capture their glow! 

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