VIDEO You Are Not the Stereotype Which Confines You

     Judgments interfere with how every single person is perceived, depicting inaccuracies from socio-economics, intelligence, criminality, occupation, and that barely begins the list of how we stereotype others. This video depicts pairs who walked past me on the street, and answered the question, "What is one stereotype society might categorize your friend as?"

     The point was to generate conversation, that's all. This method removes hate and prejudice from the equation, since those on camera are not strangers to one another, but have close relationships. 

Listen to what very few people, who show their true value as leaders in our society, have to say as they help begin an extremely controversial, but very necessary, conversation about stereotyping.

     After four and a half hours standing on 16th Street Mall, one of Denver's more popular attractions, these five pairs, and one other socially-aware man, are the only people out of hundreds who agreed to take part in a conversation about stereotypes. Interestingly enough, minorities who are burdened most by stereotypes were most likely to decline an opportunity for their voice to be heard. 

     One young women seemed offended when asked, responding, "I am not a stereotype." Could she not see that this is the point of this video?

     We are who we make ourselves to be, not what others say we are. Sometimes, the stereotype fits, and that's just the honest truth, but that should not be the defining factor of any one person.

     As an aside, 16th Street is a noisy street, with even noisier public transportation. Please bare with with audio and listen to what these people have to say, it's worth it. 

Jessie MartinComment